CRYPTOLOCKER virus, what you need to know

Cryptolocker ransomware virus

Just in the past month, a new virus named CRYPTOLOCKER has surfaced making security experts scrambling for solutions.
What does it do (Payload): Cryptolocker virus encrypts most data files on your computer including shared locations that you connect to i.e. network folders, external drives. Once encrypted, your data can not be opened in applications, you will either get an error message indicating that the files are corrupted or you will receive a message from the virus creator demanding that you send $100 or $300 cash card in order for the files to be decrypted.

How does it get into your computer: So far, the virus is transmitted using low tech methods, you might receive an email with subject “USPS Tracking”, “Dunn & Bradstreet rating” or similar topics, a small Zip or Rar file is attached to the email which contain the virus.

Solutions: We are able to remove the virus efficiently but as this article is written, there is no way to decrypt the files without the encryption key which is kept on the virus maker’s server. Therefore, restoring from a recent backup is recommended (You DID backup your data, right?). If you don’t have a good backup, data recovery is the next solution.

If you are infected with virus, please call us for consultation before making any drastic changes to your computer or server, this will help with data recovery should you need it.

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